The Perfect Cup
of Coffee


Always Use Fresh Coffee

Please use fresh Camus Coffee beans or ground coffee out of the bag. Roasted coffee has the best aroma if kept in a closed bag. Use our clip to always close the bag after use and keep it in a cool place once opened. It is best to try to use one bag within a week once opened.


Water & Temperature

Suitable temperatures makes the best coffee. Either higher or lower temperature will impact the flavor of coffee, if too high then bitter flavor will increase and if too low the rich aroma will not blossom completely. The best temperature is 90 to 93 degrees C, one minute after water boiled is similar to that temperature. Best is to use filtered or boiled tap water (cold). Mineral Water out of the bottle works as well.


The Grind

Our ground coffee grind is suitable for drip machines and French Press. Should you use beans please grind in accordance with the instructions of your apparatus. In general the more pressure applied by the machine the finer the grind. I.e. Espresso machines require fine grind, percolators more coarse grind.


How Much Coffee?

Follow your machines instructions for the correct amount of coffee to be used and then adjust for your personal taste. Should you use a French Press let the coffee soak for 30 seconds before pushing down the filter spiral blade.


Now Enjoy!

Once you prepared the coffee let it cool down to drinking temperature and enjoy! Do not let it sit on a hot plate for more than 15 minutes as this makes the coffee bitter and stale. If you need to keep for longer use a good thermos which has been rinsed with hot water before use.

Brewing Tip

Espresso machines require fine grind while percolators require coarser grind.