Our Farmers

Our beans are cultivated in premium coffee growing regions in South and Central America.

Each of our farmers adheres to a strict sustainable growing process to minimize environmental impact and preserve biodiversity. By helping sustain farmers and the environment we ensure the high quality of our beans.

Our farmers are always paid fair wages and are provided with health benefits through the state.

Dedication to Freshness

To ensure freshness we use the vent system to package our beans and ground coffee. Our coffee gets packed immediately after the roasting guaranteeing freshness and a long shelf life.

The Roasting Art

There are many factors that need to be considered to achieve the set roast profile and ultimately the desired flavor profile.

The roasting parameters are considered an important trade secret, only known by our Master Roaster.

Time & temperature, gas to air ratio, moisture content, etc. We analyze Beans before each Roasting cycle to ensure all parameters are set to achieve our high quality standards.

Our Bean Selection

Each of our blends contains the highest grade of 100% Arabica Beans.

Our detailed bean selection process is very similar to the way we select our grapes for exceptional wine or cognac and goes into specifics such as on which side of the mountain they were picked from.

Brewing Tip

If the temperature of your water is too high or too low the flavor and aroma will be impacted.