We’re pleased to share a selection of recipes created especially for Maison Camus Coffees from


Maître Cuisinier de France (French Master Chef), and President of their American & Canadian Chapter created some delicious recipes for us. Please enjoy!

  • Guimauve au café
  • Petits pots de crème au café
  • Café Charentais

About the chef
Jean-Louis Dumonet

Trained at two different Three Star (* * *) Michelin restaurants after graduating at the top of his class at L'Ecole Hotelière Jean Drouant in Paris (1980), France's #1 restaurant cooking and management school, Jean-Louis has been professionally cooking for over 20 years at some of the finest establishments in the world.

In 1994 he was awarded the prestigious title of “Maître Cuisinier de France”, French Master Chef, the youngest of only 48 in the U.S. when he joined. (There are only 350 French Master Chefs worldwide.) He has been, since 1995, the Secretary of the American Chapter of the “Association des Maîtres Cuisiniers de France” and is their President today.

Guimauve au café

  • Sugar 300 g/11oz
  • Coffee (made with 3 strong espressos, using our Signature Blend) 1 dl/3.4 fl oz
  • Egg white 50 g/1.8 oz
  • Gelatin or 8 leaves 15 g / 6 tsp
  • Camus VSOP Cognac 10 ml/2 tsp
  • Confection sugar 25 g/1oz
  • Corn starch 25 g/1oz
  1. Place the gelatin in a recipient with very cold water
  2. Prepare an Italian meringue:
    1. Cook the 300g/11oz sugar with the 1 dl/3.4 fl oz of coffee
    2. When the sugar reaches 110?C/230?F thread stage*, beat the egg white stiff. When the sugar reaches 121?C/250?F firm ball stage*, pour it on the egg white, and whisk the mix, Add the gelatin, then the cognac. Mix until it cools down
  3. Combine the cornstarch and the confectioner’s sugar.
  4. Pour the mix in a ½ sheet pan where you’ll have powder with a bit of corn starch-confectioner sugar mix.
  5. Powder on top and set aside until cold
  6. Cut the slab of marshmallow, separate the pieces, and powder them once more with the left-over
  7. Keep in box in a dry space


  • Maison Camus French Roast Coffee, freshly ground 40 g / 1.4 oz
  • Regular milk 350ml / 12 fl oz
  • Heavy cream 150g / 5.3 oz
  • Whole eggs 2 pc
  • Egg yolk 2 pc
  • Sugar 50 g / 1.7oz
  • Pinch sea salt 1
  1. Ground the coffee as fine as you’ll do for espresso
  2. Add it to the milk, cream and salt; bring to a boil
  3. Let it set for 2 to 6 hours (the longer the better)
  4. Mix the eggs and the sugar
  5. Add the cream and the milk
  6. Pass the mix through a very fine sieve
  7. Pour the mix into 6 or 8 ramequins
  8. Cook on a bain-marie in a pre-heated oven  (th.5, 325?F, 160?C) for 20 to 25 minutes

cafe charentais

  • Fresh brewed coffee ( Camus French Roast) 3 dl / 10 fl oz
  • Cognac Camus XO les Borderies 80 ml / 3 fl oz
  • Heavy cream (whipping cream) 150 g / 5.3 oz
  • Confection sugar 15 g / 1 tbsp
  • Cane sugar 8 cubes
  1. Whip the cream, adding the sugar at the end
  2. Prep the coffee
  3. Place 2 cubes of sugar in 4 glasses or cups
  4. Add the cognac and dissolve the sugar
  5. Pour the coffee
  6. Top with the whipped cream

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

INGREDIENTS: Makes 5 cups (1.2L)
  • 12oz (340g) Camus Coffee (Signature Blend or French Roast) coarsely ground
  • Milk (optional)
  1. Place ground coffee in a large container and gradually add 7 cups (1 cup equates to 236ml) of fresh cold water. Stir gently to be sure that all coffee is moistened. Cover with a layer of cheesecloth (a tea towel will do as well) and let it stand at room temperature for 15 hours.
  2. Remove the cheesecloth and use it to line a fine-mesh sieve over a larger pitcher. Pour the coffee through sieve in to the pitcher (do not stir); rinse the jar and set aside. Discard the cheesecloth with solids.
  3. Line same sieve with a large coffee filter and set over the reserved jar. Strain the coffee through sieve in into the jar. Please note that it may take up to 45 minutes for all the coffee to drip through, do not stir since this may cause the coffee to become cloudy. Cover and chill.
  4. Enjoy with milk or add cold water, according to taste. We do not recommend to use ice cubes as this will dilute the coffee further. If ice is needed simply create ice cubes using the iced coffee just prepared.
  5. Enjoy!

Camuccino ™

INGREDIENTS: For a cold cocktail
  • Camus Cognac VSOP Elegance 28 ml / 1 oz
  • Maison Camus Coffee French Roast 28 ml / 1 oz
  • Sugar Syrup 28 ml / 1 oz
  • Light Cream 42 ml / 1.5 oz
  1. Brew the French Roast as an Espresso drink and let it cool down.
  2. Pour all ingredients with a few ice cubes into the shaker and shake well.
  3. Fill in a chilled Martini glass with a strainer.
INGREDIENTS: For a hot cocktail
  • Hot Milk 56 ml / 2 oz, milk foam to fill up glass
  • Camus Cognac VSOP Elegance 14 ml / 0.5 oz
  • Maison Camus Coffee French Roast 28 ml / 1 oz
  • Sugar Syrup 28 ml / 1 oz
  1. Brew the French Roast as an Espresso drink.
  2. Slowly add syrup, Camus Cognac and hot milk on top.
  3. Take a tea-spon to put the milk foam on top. Stir and serve.
  • 3 Maison Camus Coffee beans

Brewing Tip

Do not let it sit on a hot plate for more than 15 minutes as this makes the coffee bitter and stale.